22 Oktober 2020

Database Training for Grantees

Dbase training

As part of the commitment to  implement an effective programs, TFCA-Sumatera has been developing and applying an online database program that can be used as a tool to monitor the implementation of the program as well as a knowledge management tool.

The grantees are trained to use the online database via website. Monthly reports, financial statements and various other program-related information is sent to the system administrator via the database. Grantees may also benefited from the existence of this database, for the updated data synchronization in its full implementation.

Hands-on training were introduced during the training, where grantees are able to enter data directly on a specific grantee’s database that has been provided.

Currently, almost all partners from the first grant cycle to the fourth grant cycle have received training which was conducted for over a month in July 2014 in Jakarta, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Bengkulu and Jambi.

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