22 Oktober 2020

Coffee Activists Support for Medical Workers Against Covid-19

In commemoration of world coffee day which falls on October 1, the KEHATI Foundation and the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) have collaborated nicely in celebrating this by donating the best coffee from the archipelago to medical personnel who are struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.
The collaboration was carried out by collecting 14 variants of authentic Indonesian coffee packaged in 2,500 coffee powder packs in various shapes and sizes. The coffee varieties include Flores Colol Arabica, Java Cikuray, Toraja, Aceh Gayo, Sumatra Dolok, Malabar Pangalengan, Toraja Sapan, Toraja Sesean, Yellow Catura, Manggarai Arabica, Robusta Manggarai, Kerinci Arabica, Mandailing Arabica, and Robusta Tanggamus. The last three types of coffee are the best types of coffee from TFCA-Sumatra partners as KEHATI partners from Jambi, North Sumatra and Lampung which are well known for their taste and quality.
Coffee from various KEHATI and SCOPI partners is collected in the form of green beans and then roasted in Jakarta to ensure the quality of the coffee is really maintained and delivered in powder form which is still fresh for immediate consumption. Coffee roasting is done by well-known roastery in Jakarta such as ABCD and Anomali who are willing to give their contribution by providing free coffee roasting services. This shows the high solidarity of coffee farmers, assistants, producers, cafes and roasters to jointly carry out sympathetic actions in commemoration of coffee day in the midst of a pandemic situation.
This activity was initiated to appreciate the hard work done by medical personnel and also to introduce Indonesian coffee to the public. The Executive Director of the KEHATI Foundation, Riki Frindos, said that through the many variants of coffee that were provided, they wanted to show two real messages, first, as a manifestation of a lot of support for health fighters at the Athlete's House. "Second, as a form of education on World Coffee Day that Indonesia has so many varieties of coffee with high quality," said Riki.
The collected coffee was handed over to the Indonesian coffee referral center hospital at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Jakarta Hospital. Kakesdam-Coordinator of Wisma Athlete Colonel CKM Dr Stefanus Dony received the parcel and expressed his gratitude to Indonesian coffee activists for their support.

The coffee provided by TFCA-Sumatra grantees has added value as conservation coffee, where the coffee grown can be used as a conservation fort to withstand the pressure of encroachers into the national park as well as a source of income for people living in forest areas.
In his press release, Samedi, the Director of TFCA-Sumatra said that coffee can be an entry point to overcome the problem of non-procedural use of forest areas, especially on the border with conservation areas such as national parks, which often occur in various regions. Samedi hopes that coffee will become an opportunity to improve community welfare as well as become a bulwark for conservation by increasing the professionalism of farmers about it. coffee production and business outside the conservation area
It is hoped that the momentum of this coffee day commemoration can present something meaningful as solidarity among the nation's children as well as encouraging medical personnel to continue to carry out their heavy duties in facing the global virus attack disaster. (US)

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