22 Oktober 2020

Go upstream with Journalists

jpurnalis visitTFCA-Sumatera invited some journalists to visit to Bukit 30 areas and take a closer look at program implementation. The coverage will be published and broadcasted in the media.

Reporter of Geo Times magazine was one of the invited journalists who eventually had the opportunity to participate in the event, while others invited journalists has to canceled in their last minutes due to schedule  reasons.

The expedition is started from Jakarta on September 8 to the office of Sumatran Tiger Rescue and Conservation Foundation (PKHS) in Rengat, about 5 hours driving from Pekanbaru. But it was almost the end of a day when finally the team arrived in PKHS office. The next day, accompanied by a team of PKHS which want to monitor the condition of camera trapping for tigers which is plugged in around Bukit 30 National Park, the group moved towards Sadan village, to look closely studying learning center established for Talang Mamak tribe who inhabited the area in the heart of Bukit 30 National Park.

The trip was challenging because we have to take motor boat upstream Batang Gangsal river for almost 5 hours. ibu-ibu menyortir tas__CollageA fresh and wet experience it was, because the upstream journey and the shallowness of the water were often forcing the group to jump to the river so the boat could get going.

Sadan learning center filled with approximately 23 students from grade 2 to grade 6 elementary school in a mixed classroom that looks quite festive. The students were cheerful despite the limited humble facility. There’s no lazy faces although some of them have to ‘melayang’ (walk across the river) up to 3 times in order to get their school for education.  There are two teachers from outside their village who dedicate their time here.

The journalists were also visited community activities in utilizing and conserving nature assisted by PKHS and Sumatra Nature Society (PASA).  When the mostly men rubber farmer groups were assisted to raise the productivity of their lands with ginger as the intercrop, the village women were busy in crafting pandan leaves.  Bags, wallets, sandals and shoes with a very attractive design, thanks to the assistance of trainer from Tasikmalaya who help them to make a chic design that accepted by market standard.  Trainings were provided with regular discussions to strengthen the community groups in Usul village, Siambul Village and Rantau Langsat Village.

The trip also include visit to Camp Granite of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, where PKHS working closely with the National Park officials to monitor the activities of tigers through camera traps. At the same time they exchange ideas and expertise to develop the parks’ nature tourism potential to attract more visitors and expected to raise wider concern and awareness on conservation.

The activities are also documented with a video, that can be shared and enjoyed by a wider audience via social media as well as a means of education and information for the community.

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