22 Oktober 2020

Launching of the 5th Grant Cycle

format pembuatan proposalAdministrator TFCA-Sumatera has announced the opening of the 5th grant cycle which gives an opportunity for prospective grantees to submit proposals for funding to finance conservation activities in Sumatra. The window of proposal acceptance is opened from September 2 up to October 2, 2014.

Funding for the program put priorities  on two approaches, that is: 1). Integrated conservation program at landscape level; and 2). Conservation program based on a particular theme or thematic issues.

Priority landscapes for the 5th grant cycle are: 1). Sembilang National Park, and 2) Siberut islands. Proposed conservation activities are expected to to integrate three levels of intervention, namely 1). Institutional and policy aspects that support forest conservation and biodiversity, 2) Implementation of conservation aspects in the field, such as ecosystem protection, habitat restoration and conservation of threatened species at the landscape level, and 3) improving the community welfare and community participation that has impact on forest conservation.

Thematic conservation program is focused on activities to fill the gaps as well as activities which may significantly increase the impact of conservation on the landscape where TFCA-Sumatera programs is going on or has been implemented.

As the integrated conservation program at landscape level, activity intervention for the thematic conservation can be performed on one or a combination of three levels of intervention components. Some identified theme to be applied as the main activities of conservation are as following:

1) Development and strengthening of community-based forest management;
2) Community-based ecosystem restoration on former encroached forest land or other degraded areas;
3) Spatial plan;
4) Rescue of endangered species; or
5) Other themes that support or significantly enhance conservation impact on grant programs that currently exist.

The amount of funding and period of project implementation time proposed to integrated landscape conservation is approximately Rp. 5 billion, – for 3-5 years, while for the thematic programs funding is provided for approximately Rp. 1 billion for the period adjusted for the proposed activity (usually 1-3 years). Eligible entities are Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), self-help groups (SHGs), as well as universities.

The Administrator expects to receive the proposals on October 2, 2014 for further review and decision by the Oversight Committee.

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