22 Oktober 2020

TFCA Open Application for Regional Facilitator to Facilitate Grantees Capacity’s Improvement

New officesIt has been five years Tropical Forest Conservation Action for Sumatra (TFCA-Sumatera) program supports forest management and conservation in Sumatra. The number of grantees has currently reached 22 consortium partners and is increasing.

The 22 grantees are generally in the forms of partnership or consortium which comprises of 53 non-government organizations and in few cases, universities. To date, they are working in 12 out of 13 TFCA geographic areas across Sumatra. Relatively large number of grantees compare to the number of Administrator staffs as well as the wide area of coverage has become a challenge for the Administrator to effectively oversee, monitor and strengthen the capacity of all grantees. However, with the increasing number of grantees and projects TFCA-Sumatera should find ways to maintain its roles in building local capacity in conducting conservation intervention. At its seventeenth meeting the Oversight Committee agreed that grants may be given to organization capable to conduct the above roles which at the same time supports the Administrator’s tasks.

A call for application has been launched at the end of October with the deadline of submission is 30 November 2014. The facilitator should be able to open and maintain offices in three regions which will be centered in Medan, Pekanbaru and Palembang. These offices will be providing services to the northern, central and southern regions of Sumatra respectively. The northern region serves the landscapes of Leuser Ecosystem, Seulawah-Ulumasen, Western Toba, Angkola and Batang Toru-Batang Gadis forest blocks. The central region serves the landscapes of Kerumutan-Senepis-Kampar Peninsula, Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Tesso Nilo National Park, Siberut and Mentawai Islands and Kerinci-Seblat national Park. While the southern region serves tha landscapes of Berbak-Sembilang National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park and Way Kambas National Park.

Three main roles by the regional facilitator will include the following objectives:
1. To facilitate and provide guidance to TFCA grantees on the projects implementation. In this regard, the facilitator will have to monitor and evaluate the grantees performance.
2. To provide capacity-building and assistance to the current and potential grantees, both in administrative and technical subjects such as project designing and management, social business, including production and marketing and ecological restoration.
3. To facilitate communication and coordination between grantees and local stakeholders, especially the governments (both local governments and the technical unit of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry), private sectors, local communities and other parties as well as analyzing the relationship in order to acquire and increase stakeholders’ supports and engagements on conservation programs, including those of TFCA activities.

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