22 Oktober 2020

The new staff of TFCA-Sumatera

In July 2015, TFCA-Sumatera has recruited a number of staff to help the management of the program. Currently the Administrator already has 22 grantees spread across 12 landscape all over Sumatera from Aceh in the north to Lampung in the south.

Administering grant programs are not an easy task in the midst of increasingly complex challenges from year to year. Each grantees would requires at least 3 years of program implementation. Administrator provide assistance as well as monitoring and evaluation for each grantees which become more intense when the number of grantees expand The addition of three new staff is expected to strengthen the effectiveness of administrators in the implementation of the program. The new staff are:staf_afifi

1. Afifi Rahmadetiassani, Conservation Assistant.staff-yudha
2. Yudha Arif Nugroho, Database and Information System Assistant
3. Rio Rovihandono, Institutional Development and Monev Facilitator

Meanwhile, the Administrator has been setting up regional offices at 3 areas in Sumatra. Each offices will have at least two staff to help coordination and assistance with grantees in the field. Hopefully, coordination and communication between grantees, administrator and the program implementer can be more strengthened and responsive.

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