22 Oktober 2020

Waiting for Hope in Sinabung

sinabung berita plasa msn

Mount Sinabung has been occasionally erupted since February 2014, and the disaster is still haunting the people in the surrounding area. Several eruptions still throw up clouds of ash, leaves the refugees in uncertain situation of when their villages are going to be a safe home again and they could come back to do their lands.

Two out of many villages located at the foot of Sinabung are the village assisted by OIC/SRI Consortium. In these two villages, 40 percent of the population is still living in the evacuation center, waiting for the situation to be saved and secured to work again.

But not all of the people are the majority of horticultural farmers could be patient and wait for an uncertain long time for the ash until disappear. The uncertainty of when the ash will be disappeared is not an acceptable condition for them to patiently wait and see. Most of these horticultural farmers, roll their sleeves and do a number of ways to clean up the piles of ash coming from the mountain crater. Kuta Village Community is keep trying to get rid of thick dust on their farms using tractors.  Land that has been cleared and replanted with mixed vegetables such as cabbage and beans now can start to grow well.

The farmers realize that the improvement of agricultural land takes time, but they expect the farming land rehabilitation program, assisted by the consortium will accelerate the recovery of the agricultural activities in the village.

Meanwhile, some people whose farms and houses were destroyed by the eruption are trying to make a living by venturing into Bukit Barisan Grand Forest which located directly adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park. If they are not taken care of immediately, it is possible that they will continue to expand into grand forest park and Gunung Leuser National Park area.

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