22 Oktober 2020

Assistance for New Grantees of 5th Grant Cycle

To prepare proponents to become full grantees of TFCA-Sumatera, a series of training has been held by the Administrator. The aim is to ensure that proponents can perform program more effectively in handling crucial and important issues in priority landscapes.

Strengthening proponents proposal is made with emphasis on two aspects, that is program and financial aspects. To enhance the effectiveness of program, a series of discussions were conducted to further polish partner proposals. Brainstorming to improve logical frame, work plan, preparation of performance monitoring plan, etc are becoming part of the program strengthening. While from the financial aspect, the proponents are prepared to comprehend the standards of management system, financial reporting, cash logging, reporting, payment standards, transfer systems, and others.

Proposal refinement for total 12 grantees of grant cycle 5 was held in Medan (10-14 August). The grantees are PETAI-OIC ; Tindakan Investigasi Memantau Ekosistem (TIME); Hutan Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (HAKA); Suargalang; and Yayasan Wahana Bumi Hijau (WBH). While the other session of proposal refinement is conducted in Bogor on 18-22 August for 7 grantees, that is Yayasan Konservasi Satwa Liar Indonesia (YKSLI); Kinapat Institute; Biology department of Andalas University; Mitra Aksi; Yayasan Konservasi Way Seputih (YKWS); Forina, Animal Indonesia.

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