22 Oktober 2020

Environmental message on Independence Day

Taking momentum of the Indonesia 70th independence day celebrated every August 17, TFCA-Sumatera together with KEHATI and TFCA-Kalimantan program urge people of all levels of society to actively participate in conservation efforts.

In a full page article in Media Indonesia daily, the program convey message on the importance of whole community support in conservation. Conservation should become a concern of everybody, not only government as regulator, but also private sectors and community.

Various efforts has been taken by KEHATI and TFCA programs under its administration. Advocacy programs and capacity building to community has become the strategies to increase the awareness of public towards the importance of conservation efforts. Cases from Sumatra and Kalimantan was shown as lessons learned.

There are three articles published, namely Conservation for Sustainable Flora and Fauna; Community Empowerment: Key to Conservation; and Extension and Bridge for All Parties. The article was published twice on 16 and 17 August. On August 16, it was published as a special supplement in addition to regular edition, distributed at the parliament building during annual Presidential speech before legislative members. On August 17, the newspaper was distributed as a special edition during independence celebration in presidential palace.

The message conveyed is expected could reach opinion leaders and decision makers at all levels in community. Happy anniversary Indonesia!

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