22 Oktober 2020

Establishing Partnerships with Universities

IMG_5508Nusa Bangsa University (UNB) of Bogor and TFCA-Sumatera signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a partnership and expanding a mutual cooperation between the two institutions to implement three pillars in tertiary education. The event took place on 30 August at the Pascasarjana Hall of UNB in Bogor.

The MoU was signed by UNB Rector Dr. Barijadi Prawirosastro, Ir, MS representing UNB and Program Director TFCA-Sumatera Samedi, Ph.D representing TFCA-Sumatera, witnessed by the academic community of UNB. Presentation, discussion and question and answer sessions were made open to develop more ideas and opportunities for cooperation between the two institutions.

Signing of this MoU for UNB is a translation of the tri dharma principles which consisting of the Education and Teaching, Research and Development, and Community Services. Further cooperation is expected to follow for more effective forest management and to empower as well as to exchange information and expertise in the field of conservation.  Research for a better conservation management also welcomed for the  faculty and students of UNB.

TFCA-Sumatera expects UNB to support activities that lead to increase the capacity of grantees and activities related to program monitoring in the focus priority areas. The cooperation considered will start effectively after the MoU was signed.

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