22 Oktober 2020

External Evaluation for Grantees

In 2014, the Administrator of TFCA-Sumatera conducted two evaluation activities, namely end-program evaluation for 3 grantees of grant cycle 1 (PTKEL, PETRA and Jikalahari) and mid- program evaluation for grantees of grant cycle 2 (YEL, OIC, Akar Network, YKI, YTNTN, Bukit 30 Consortium and UNILA – PILI consortium).  The evaluation was performed by appointed consultant selected through a bidding process.

Based on OCTM bids towards proposal of interest submitted by the potential evaluators, consultant PT Sahabat Investasi Indotama – or known as  Social Investment Indonesia (SII) is selected to perform mid-program evaluation (for grantees from 2nd grant cycle 2) and Bumi Raya Consulting is chosen to be the evaluator for the end-program evaluation.

The objectives of the external evaluation is to identify the program relevance, effectiveness, efficiency sustainability and the impacts.  The intended grantees will be visited by the evaluator somewhere between March to April 2014.

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